Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Adventures in Internet Dating- a New Series of Posts I'm Going to Write

So as I mentioned before, I'm internet dating now.  the day after I wrote my previous post I realized that I was not in fact honest with my blog or myself.  I don't want to date that friend again.  I can be his friend again, still, some more.  But I don't want to date him.  I want to meet someone new.  I've thought about what I want in a relationship and I'm going to seek it out.

1.       I’m physically affectionate and I need that to be okay.  I’ve had a relationship where touching was only used as a prelude to sex and I hated it.  I’ve had a relationship where touching was tolerated but never instigated by the boyfriend and I craved it.  I’m going to learn my lesson.

2.       I need someone who can be an intellectual challenge.

3.       I need to date grownups.  I’ve dated boys.  I’ve dated guys.  I want to date men.  There’s a difference an although I’m not sure how that’s going to work out, I want to date grown ass men.
So.  Onward and upward.