Thursday, December 22, 2011

Banking Fun

So the other day I went to the bank to deposit my paycheck so I could go Christmas shopping. I went through the person teller instead of the automated one, so the money would be available immediately. An hour later, there was no money in my account. Five hours later, no money. Twelve hours- you guessed it, no money. I called the bank's service center seeking out my funds and was told that they didn't even have a pending deposit listed (which I knew because I had checked on the internet). So the next day I drove to the bank AGAIN and blew my entire break to figure out the trouble. Turns out they had put my money in my mom's account because they only check the last name and the address and I haven't changed my driver's license yet. It took them over a day, and my pointing it out to them before they fixed it. Plus, knowing there was some kind of issue, the banker who was trying to fix it, who had my driver's license in front of her, never checked my first name as evidenced by the fact that after looking things over for a few minutes she confirmed my phone number (I told her I didn't recognize teh number she said and she didn't really seem troubled) and my place of employment- which I did recognize. As my mom's. This was all super exciting as I still wasn't done Christmas shopping and needed to hit the mall. Not to mention the automated payments and trip to the gas station I made before I realized there was a problem. Thankfully the bank did take care of any drama on that part so I didn't have to figure it out or demand that they fix anything.