My class learns a lesson in civic responsibility (see posts from 3/13 and 3/15 for details)

Mandy, Nick, Naty, and Stevo the day Nick was born.
Naty's third birthday- she enjoyed the bow more than the present :)
Tina's graduation day
Jamie and Chris are an adorable couple, this is pre-engagement

Kristin, LAUREN WILLIG (famous author), and me

Chris and Jamie, John and Jessica at Taste of Chicago (now both couples are engaged)
New Year's 2010

John at New Year's, a little tipsy indeed

Jamie's bridesmaids in the dress we picked (not those colors though, our dresses are pink)

Nick at the zoo, in his best onsie

Naty on her way to see a play with Aunt Tina

Me, Jessica and Jamie at Taste of Chicago 2010
My dad at our camp in Michigan. It was one of his favorite places, and it's his final resting place.
Jamie, Me and Kristin playing at the park on my 27th birthday. We'd been meaning to get a picture of the three of us for over two years and this was the first time we remembered.

Me, John, and Jessica at the Taste of Chicago 2009