Life List

Clearly subject to change whenever I feel like it, but here's my list. What's yours?

1. Meet a president
2. Spend the night in a museum
3. Visit the White House, Supreme Court, and Capitol Building
4. Visit all seven continents
   -North America
   -South America
5. Go to all fifty states
   -Alabama          -Alaska           -Arizona             -Arkansas             -California
   -Colorado         -Connecticut   -Delaware           -Florida                -Georgia
   -Hawaii             -Idaho\           -Illinois                 -Indiana               -Iowa
   -Kansas            -Kentucky       -Louisiana           -Maine                 -Maryland
   -Massachusetts -Maine            -Michigan            -Mississippi          -Missouri
   -Montana          -Nebraska      -Nevada              -New Hampshire  -New Jersey
   -New Mexico   -New York     -North Carolina   -North Dakota      -Ohio
   -Oklahoma       -Oregon          -Pennsylvania       -Rhode Island       -South Carolina
   -South Dakota  -Tennessee      -Texas                 -Utah                    -Vermont
   -Virginia            -Washington   -Washington DC  -West Virginia       -Wisconsin
6. Finish writing my cookbook
7. Own my own home
8. Write a novel
9. Earn a PhD
10. See Gettysburg
11. Swim with dolphins
12. Finish “Beauty and the Beast” short story
13. SCUBA dive in the Great Barrier Reef
14. See a play on Broadway (not just Broadway in Chicago)
15. Get an actual teaching job
16. Weigh what my doctor’s height/weight chart says I should weigh (for more than a month)
17. Become fluent in another language
18. Zipline (preferably over something awesome)
19. Travel India by train (it’s apparently the most authentic way)
20. Go to the Olympics
21. Participate in a civil rights movement
22. Milk a cow
23. Dog sled
24. Go on a (photo) safari
25. Stand under a waterfall
26. Attend a black tie gala
27. Pay off my debts (financial and emotional)
28. See a volcano
29. Go inside a pyramid
30. See Stonehenge
31. Learn to pole dance
32. Own good real art
33. Ride a camel in the desert
34. Help a cause I care about
35. Donate money and get my name on something (i.e. scholarship…)
36. Visit the holy land
37. See the Pope
38. Tour a concentration camp
39. Thank a Vet
40. Dive to the Titanic
41. Walk on the Great Wall of China
42. Go into space
43. Make a pilgrimage
44. Learn to swim well
45. Visit Machu Pichu (using the Inca trail not the train)
46. See the northern lights
47. Be present at a birth
48. Be able to intelligently, knowledgeably discuss the top five world religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam)
49. Write a charity into my will
50. See the Pompeii ruins
51. Invent something
52. Go to the top of Willis (previously Sears) Tower
53. Go rock climbing