Friday, May 20, 2011

Photo Challenge!! Hooray for pictures, I have tons of them I think you’ll love, so I’m doing this challenge. But I’m not calling it “30 Days of Photos” because I want to be able to take breaks and blog other things without feeling like I failed.
Day 1: A picture of yourself with 10 facts:

1. I have almost no photos of myself because I’m generally the one taking the pictures.
2. I have dyed my hair a variety of colors since I was about thirteen- my current favorite is black, but for most of that time I’ve picked various shades of red (from strawberry-blonde to dark auburn and everything in between).
3. I’m trying to quit biting my nails, and I haven’t taken a nibble in two weeks.
4. I have always wanted to earn my Ph.D (in history).
5. My favorite holiday is Independence Day- this is because it’s my favorite holiday food, I love spending a holiday with my friends guilt free, fireworks are AWESOME, and my birthday is the next day so I get presents anyway.
6. I prefer wearing contacts but had them taken away by my doctor because I wore them way to much.
7. I love all animals, but for my own pets I prefer cats to dogs because cats are lower maintenance.
8. My hair only dries cute if I put it in a pony tail until it’s dry- this takes approximately five hours, which means I generally have to take my shower at like 6 pm since there’s no way I’ll get up twenty minutes earlier in the morning to do it then.
9. I currently have three loads of laundry waiting to wash, and I never get around to them because my SIL generally has something in the washer.
10. I love the Taste of Chicago (that’s where this picture was taken) in part because my family doesn’t really have any traditions and I like to feel like I’m doing something so many people have done before me.

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