Sunday, August 21, 2011

Zoo Fun Run

"Each year more species lose their race for survival and disappear from the wild.
But it is a race we can win, and You Can Help!
The Chicago Zoological Society Conservation Fund is dedicated to making a difference for these species across the globe. By joining us at the Brookfield ZooRunRun on Sunday, September 25 and raising funds you will help our efforts to save these incredible animals and their natural environments." -Brookfield Zoo

I've decided to walk in Brookfield Zoo's 5k fun run/walk this year. I think it should be a lot of fun, great at helping me achieve my physical fitness goals, and great at helping the zoo raise funds for conservation. Anyone live in the area and want to join me? I'll be registering next Tuesday (August 30) and hopefully I'll have at least a few friends, to register with me.

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  1. OMW! I got your text about this and forgot to reply... I'm gonna have to pass. :( I'm sorry, Girl. Will Leah be able to join you?