Friday, July 15, 2011

Feel The Burn

I started a new workout regime this week. It’s hard. Way harder than I expected it to be. And it’s hard to keep going. I would like to know why all the pain-y bits start right away, but the reward-y bits take weeks to show up. I would like at least a little instant gratification to encourage me to continue. Otherwise (as has happened many times in the past), in about a week when my muscles protest the simple act of turning on DVD player in anticipation of putting in my exercise DVD, I will probably quit. I sort of hate working out. It’s boring, I feel stupid, and I simply can’t do a lot of what the TV people can. Plus, it seems over whelming. The sheer amount of weight I need to lose is intimidating. If I wanted to lose five pounds, it would seem pointless. If I wanted to lose ten-thirty pounds, it seem probable. If it was even thirty-fifty pounds it would seem possible. But I want to lose a hundred pounds. And it’s not like this is the weight I’ve always been. At some point it was just ten pounds, twenty, forty, but now…it’s not. And if I didn’t succeed then, why should I even try now? But…try I will. Try I will. Because I will look cuter NEXT time I’m in a wedding.

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