Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm Going To Become "Interesting"

Oh people, I’ve discovered the best plan for a weekend away. In Ohio there is a place called The Wilds. It is as close to a real safari as one can get without going to Africa (way outside my budget for now). I want to go. There’s no hotels nearby, but I’ve planned out an amazing stay for when I get the money together (maybe early next spring?). I’ll go on a Saturday and I’ll start with a zip line across the park, followed by a sunset safari, which is a guided safari in an open transport. That night I’ll stay in a yurt. In the morning I’ll get the transport pass and check it out at my own speed. It won’t be cheap. Probably close to $500 since the people I usually share vacation costs with aren’t interested. But, it’s going to be so worth it. Check out my life list- item 18 is “zip line (preferably over something awesome)”, item 24 is “go on a (photo) safari”.
Maybe, if all works according to plan I’ll call next year, the year I really got to work on my life list.
3. Visit the White House, Supreme Court, and Capitol Building (planned for Sept. 2012)
5. Go to all fifty states (trip to Minnesota rescheduled for spring 2012)
10. See Gettysburg (planned for Sept. 2012)
16. Weigh what my doctor’s height/weight chart says I should weigh (working on it)
17. Become fluent in another language (working on it)
18. Zipline (preferably over something awesome) (spring 2012?)
24. Go on a (photo) safari (spring 2012?)
43. Make a pilgrimage (to me, my trip to DC counts- so planned for Sept. 2012)
44. Learn to swim well (working on it)
47. Be present at a birth (planned for Feb 2012)
48. Be able to intelligently, knowledgeably discuss the top five world religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam) (working on it)
53. Go rock climbing (not on a wall) (looking into learning on a wall so I can get off one)

That’s more items in one year than I’ve scratched off in the 29 years before- assuming I get them all done. Plus, a lot of those things were written to make me a better/happier person, so hopefully I’ll be happier. Because the last post I wrote (but didn’t post) was about being sad most of the time.

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