Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Four Lowbrow Reasons I Love Bookclub

As you may know I attend a monthly bookclub. I love my bookclub because it is awesome, and because I have met some of my closest friends there- including the fantastically awesome Leah, with whom I now live. That, however, is not the point. The point is last night's meeting was AWESOME. We read The Immortal Life of Hennrietta Lacks (which I strongly recommend, for more information you should probably check out my goodreads review).
At one point we were discussing the generational reaction to doctors- while one generation people would never have thought about questioning a doctor, two generations later we go to the doctor loaded with information from WebMD and assume the doctor is on crack, And my friend J said "Sometimes I think about, like if my friends were vampires and their powers were diluted through the generations...Leah is more powerful than Tina."
Mere moments later someone said that we're all immortal now because secretly the HeLa cells have taken over the world, and we all only THINK we're different (because for awhile it turned out all cell lines in the world had been contaminated by the unusually resilient HeLa cells). So Leah said that I could have a shot with Mr. Darcy, if only he were real (I don't think that's true, since he existed before HeLa cells, but whatever...). I responded that he was on the list of should be real characters with Batman, which somehow led to the invention of BatDarcy- half Batman, half Mr. Darcy, one hundred percent awesome.
Later, for some reason a lawyer friend mentioned a story he had heard on the news about a woman who...did not have ACTUAL sex with her boyfriend, but did "receive a gift" which she used to spit into a cup and impregnate herself- leading to a man who had never had sex with her owing her child support.
And the final lowbrow and awesome thing that happened at bookclub? Totally out of context, I shall only share with you the quote-
"Ahh, I found a whooo-maaan...you know if I were hunting them." Bet you can't guess who said that one (hint- it's not me!!!).

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