Sunday, November 13, 2011

Well Hello There Stranger

So. I moved the day before Halloween. As you may recall I had two weeks notice that I was going to need to move, in which time I had to pack and find a place to live, while continuing to work my regular schedule, as well as trying to finish my bookclub book. Not good. But, I found a place to live- I live in a friend's basement bedroom, for rent that is totally affordable. I have fun with my friend almost every day, we go for walk/jogs once a week, we eat dinner together like civilized people, I like it a lot so far. Hopefully my friend does too.
But, do you know what it's like to try to pack up in fourteen days? Almost everything went to goodwill or the garbage or the curb so I wouldn't have to deal with it. I really only kept things I love. I purged almost no books, but plenty of other things.
I put my cat in her carrier for about the third time in her life. My friend was concerned that my cat and her cats and her dog would not get along well, so we made a plan to sequester Buffi for a while so they could acclimate to smell first. On the first day here I let Buffi out of her carrier after we secured the room. By the end of the second she had taught the dog how to unlock the door and come in my room. To bad she doesn't like dogs. Even tiny dogs that she is bigger than like Zoe. But she made herself free to roam the house where she encountered at least one other cat, and the cat we were concerned about. They made friends and agreed easily on who ruled which part of the nests (Buffi is in charge in the basement and Maddie rules upstairs).
About the time that we figured out a solution to the pet issue (Zoe can't be allowed free roam of my room because of the cat box), I got a mild infection in my tooth which led to a discoloration. Which meant I had to figure out if it was rotting, which would mean I might need to have it pulled. Except it's a front tooth, so it will also need replaced. So this week I have an appointment with the dentist, but now I'm concerned about what she'll say. Although the discoloration has faded and the infection seems mostly gone, I still have to go. And I think she's going to suggest thousands of dollars worth of dental care (wisdom tooth extraction, cavity filling, a few other extractions, possibly some other issues). Not pleased about that at all.
And that is why I haven't posted in weeks. I promise to do better now that things have settled down. Unless I'm kidding myself and life gets crazy again.

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