Thursday, August 9, 2012


Have you ever looked around at the people you're about to go out with and decided not even try to look nice because no one in their right mind is going to spare you a second glance no matter what?  Tonight I went out with Leah (who if you don't know her, is tall, and gorgeous) and her friend from out of town, Allie.  Allie is even taller.  And gorgeous-er.  Like she looks like a model.  Like clearly the most beautiful woman I will ever meet in real life.  They put on cute tops and make-up.  I looked at them in the kitchen before we left and decided to go with a comfortable t-shirt and skip make-up altogether.  That's not meant to be saying anything bad about myself.  That lead in is to get to my point.  I was talking about Allie with a coworker today and mentioned how pretty she is.  My coworker said to me that it sounded like the coworker would hate Allie.  Because she's so pretty.  So my point is, why the devil do we do that?  Why do we, as women, decide to "hate" other women because they're pretty?  Why can't we all just support and love each other?  This is why men have always rule the world, because when men were busy making rules and establishing their dominance, women were busy arguing over who's the prettiest and hating each other for being "better" in some way. 

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  1. Why should Leah or Allie's level of attractiveness stop you from trying to look your best when we go out? You do realize the top part of your blog is completely contradictory to the bottom part? You might not "hate" Leah or Allie but you are a complete defeatest because you deem them more attractive. Just because you think they are hot doesn't mean everyone else does, attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder. Trust me, confidence goes a long way and surrendering to the "hot" girls isn't the way to work it.

    XO Katie