Monday, August 13, 2012

Music themes

I mentioned last time that Leah's friend Allie is over this weekend.  Somehow, while we talked late at night, we got on the topic of "theme songs" not for like TV or movies, but for our own lives.It was a fun topic to talk about, but it was decided that my original choices for my personal themes were sad and I needed to add some better songs.
Being short of things that I'm ready to talk about at the moment (and believe me, I'm holding some stuff in that I want to share, but I'm going to dwell/overthink on it for awhile yet), I decided that I could post some music videos here. 

So here's my first choice of personal theme...

In case you can't watch video, that's from Les Miserables called On My Own.  I think of that song as one of my themes because I do this thing in my head where I imagine whole scenarios where the guy I like also likes me, but even while it makes me happy in the short term, I always know that it's not true and that the guy in question doesn't really feel think of me that way.  Usually it's a guy who knows me, who I would count as a friend, or close to one anyway, but I know in my heart that he's never once thought of me in "that" way.  Speaking of this, I can promise you that guys and girls can be friends without it being secretly about sex. 

My other choice is...

That's Kasey Chambers "Not Pretty Enough" which I think of for myself not because of the title, or thinking I'm not pretty, but because of the over all feeling she's singing about that she's basically invisible/unnoticeable.

I'll try to post a few of Leah's suggestions in the next couple of days, but in the meantime, if you have a suggestion feel free to leave me a comment!

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