Friday, October 12, 2012

Unicorn Success Club

Climbing out of the abyss, I didn’t mention my big achievement last month.  I ran the Brookfield ZooRunRun for the Conservation Fund.  Although I didn’t meet my fundraising goal, I exceeded my fitness goal.  I planned on averaging thirteen minute miles, and managed twelve and a half minute miles.  I planned on forty-five minutes and finished in forty-one.
Sarahmason and I- unicorns instead of bunny ears :)

Just before the run

Pretending to run, so we could get a picture 
Totally posed, crossing the finish line (which we did not actually do together, but a very nice woman agreed to take our picture)
Next up? Sunday morning I'm walking the Color Run in downtown Chicago with most of The Unicorn Success Club.  We're just walking, no fitness goals, no plans to achieve a miracle.  Just walking in the early morning and getting showered with awesome.

(Also, the ZooRunRun puts me at 6.4 miles on my goal to 10 miles and Double Unicorn Success.  By Sunday afternoon I'll be at 9.6.)

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