Saturday, September 3, 2011

Zoo Fun Run

I mentioned before that I'm signing up to do a 5k at the zoo. Well I did it. All paid and signed up and everything. Except I'm not very bright because you get a shirt for doing it and when they asked me what size I said 2XL because that's my OLD size, but now I wear an XL or even an L (depending on the cut). So my very first 5k shirt won't fit me, but that's okay. It can be pajamas!

The fun run is to raise money for conservation of wild life and lands. To me this is one of the most important "good causes" because not only does conservation help the animals, it also helps people. Conserved land is land that retains it's natural beauty, which is means that it's not in danger of oil spills, deforestation, or other man made drama. Land that remains natural helps produce healthy air and keeps water clean. We have no way to filter out toxins in the air, we just breathe them in with the oxygen. Many drugs come from wild plant and animal life, some of which we've barely tapped into in our ruthless determination to clear the land and use it our way. On top of the obvious reasons, the beauty of nature is in it's diversity and complexity.
If you feel that this is a good cause, please click HERE or on the zoo fun run picture to the side and donate. Every little bit helps!

Animals that became extinct in my lifetime
-Golden Toad (1989)
-West Afican Black Rhino (2006)
-Zanzibar Leopard (1996)
-Spix's Macaw (2004)
-Pyremena Ibex (2000)
-and many more

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