Monday, February 13, 2012

Ripped from the headlines!

Okay, maybe not the big headlines you've read, but something that popped up in my news surfing today.
The headline is:
Cheerleading coach removed after calling team ‘highfalutin heifers’
The general idea of the story is that a cheer-leading coach was screaming at her team and said (in part) "Who do you think you all are?...Highfalutin heifers. You can just come and go as you please. Fire me!" It was not the first time she screamed at her team. One of the team members pulled out her cell phone and recorded the rant, which led to the coach being fired.
"Excellent!" We all say in unison. "Finally, an abusive coach who didn't win in the end." And then we all went about our days and completely forgot we ever read the story.
Except... "Meanwhile, the cheerleader who provided the recording -- who is identified only as the 11th-grade daughter of a man named Abel Olivares -- has been handed two days of detention for recording the coach's rant on school property and sharing the recording with friends."
And that is wrong.
It reminds me of an incident that happened when I was in middle school. This was...before anti-bullying initiatives were a thing. I was sitting in class, and there was a boy sitting behind me. He poked me with his pen in the back over and over and whispered to me when the teacher couldn't hear "I can't see around you, move fatty." This happened for weeks. Finally the teacher asked me about the pen marks on my shirt and I told her about the poking. We both wound up in the vice-principal's office and the boy was suspended for a few days. About a week later I was back in the v-p's office for something similar (although those exact circumstances escape me). Again, I told my side of the story and the person at fault was suspended. Finally, two weeks later a tough girl came up to me and told me she was going to "kick my a**" (for flirting with her boyfriend I think) and I should meet her right there at three so she could beat me up. I did not meet her. I had choir. And a brain. But she did come looking for me. And she did hit me. And I did not hit her back (although I sorely wanted to) because I did not want to be suspended (alright, I was a geek. Shut up.) Once more I wound up the v-p's office. And this time I was suspended. Not because I had done anything tangibly wrong, but because it was my third time there in a month. My mom argued with him, but in the end the suspension stood. My mom (having to work) dropped me off at the mall with $50 on my day off.
I hope that cheer-leader's parents are as accommodating as my mom was.

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