Sunday, February 5, 2012

Okay, I'm falling behind...but I had food poisoning, so you have to forgive me

Yeah, that's right food poisoning. For three weeks. Apparently my morning meatballs have been just slightly tainted, enough that I felt sick for three weeks, but not sick enough to know why. Then on Monday I was sick enough to come home for work super early and go to the doctor on Tuesday morning. Where we figured out I've been poisoning myself for three weeks. Not awesome.
In other news, having recovered from food poisoning, I went over to my friend Sarah's house Thursday night (which is a work night for those of you unaware of the school calendar). Definately lost track of time having so much fun with my friend, her husband and his friend that I didn't leave until one in the morning. Not good. Then on Friday, apparently having decided I hadn't done enough stupid things this week, I told Leah over Indian food that I wanted to go dancing. So we went to the nightclub in Elgin. Which blew. The music sucked so hard that only one couple was dancing. Plus, I had to replace all my clothes this week so I have no going out tops, so I had to go out in a pocket tee. We're going to try again next weekend. Then last night was game night at Sarah's. She specifically asked that we clear out by 10:30 because she and her husband still had to recover from Thursday night's fun, and they have a foster(-ish) baby right now, so they had to get up in the morning. We left at 11:30. Good job!
And now you're caught up on everything that you missed while I had food poisoning. The End.

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