Monday, November 5, 2012

I suppose I should change all the parts where it says "Today" to read "Yesterday" but I'm lazy. So I'm not going to.

Today a strange woman barged into my hotel room. No knock, no pleasant "housekeeping". She just walked in hours after I'd told housekeeping not to bother. She immediately left, didn't even make it through the door. But still. Creepy!
Today I barely made it out of my room. Just sat there all morning, all afternoon, and most of the evening. Didn't write either. Finished a painting & then read someone else's blog. Eventually I realized how unproductive I was, so I went for a walk with the intention of following that up with a swim. Spent the next two hours reading blog archives instead. I have to write 6,000 more words! By three on tomorrow. Technically I check out at noon, but I have plans half way home @ five, so I don't have to leave until three and I can write anywhere as long as my computer is charged.
Today I introduced myself to a stranger as a painter & writer, here for inspiration.
Today I got nowhere near my word goal. But I went back & edited what I'd already written, which I never do because I'm pretty sure "edit" means "violently delete in a fit of rage". Wound up liking what I have though even if it's nowhere near enough.
Today I was people watching at dinner and saw a woman blatantly nibble on a man's arm. Why? Why the arm? Why in public? I have a lot of questions but mostly, why??

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