Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I went on mini-break this weekend.  I asked everyone I knew where a great place to relax and get away from all the distractions of life is, and wound up staing at a ski-resort.  Since it's the off season , it was pretty cheap adn it was super nice.  Except for the part on Monday morning where they cleaned up breakfast an half hour early and I wound up having to eat at McDonald's because I needed food so I didn't pass out.
It was awesome though.  Technically I still have a few hours on my vacation timer, so I might still meet my writing goal.  We'll see how the rest of today plays out.  I wanted to make two painting and write 10,000 words.  I got three paintings done.  One is okay, but the subject material isn't really my normal taste.  I made it for a friend and I think she'll like it.  One I think I'll like when it's done, but I paint in oils and they take time to dry so I didn't quite finish it.  It's a present for someone too, so hoepfuly it turns out well.  The last one I hate.  Like hate.  Like I need to go to a bonfire so I can burn it.  Or I could just paint over it I guess, but that isn't quite the total destruction I want for th steaming piece of crap taking up room in my car.  I also go a little over 7,000 words written.  Do you know what 7,000 words looks like?  Do you know what they feel like?  Especially when they're words for like a novel, not just bathering about my day, but the creation of actual characters, dialogue, description, all those little things that make a words into a story?  I know exactly what they look like.  They look like I bled inside my computer.  I'm not sharing. 
I will however share some pictures...
Me just after I wrote my first 5,000 words

Every time I went out I saw a deer.  I think it must ahve been teh same one each time, because by the end of the weekend I accidentally walked right up to it and it let me get within five feet.  I could have pet a wild deer y'all!

Everything up here is a meandering path.  Like everything.  It's probably because it's a "mountain" but I like to think it's because it was a good metaphor for me.

This is the view at the head of the hiking trail I used when I needed a writing break.  I love that tree, I think it looks so cool!

This is the view I saw looking out at each day while I was writing.  It's amazing I got any work done with that to look at huh?

The bench and the view where I wrote this weekend

Another take on the view from "my" writing bench

This is the first time I saw that bench.  I knew instantly that this was where I would be working this weekend.  And to be fair, I did do some work in my hotel room, but most of the next 5,000 words were written here,a nd several paintings were at least sketched out on that bench.  What I'm saying is that it's a magic bench.

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