Thursday, December 27, 2012

Friend-zone and crappy metaphors

I'm sick of being friend-zoned.  I'm sick of looking around and seeing everyone else get paired up.  I'm sick of being over looked by men.  I want someone to want me.  I don't really want to be friends. 

I feel like I'm alone on Noah's Ark.  Even the flipping mice have partners and I'm alone.  Well I'm sick of it.  I write crappy metaphors, but Christmas always brings this out in me.  I spend Christmas with my best friend's family (as I do every single holiday, every year) and every time I end up feeling like Charlie Bucket standing outside of a candy shop, wanting the same candy every single damn other kid is eating, but I can't have any.  And I'm the only one who can't.  Everyone else can have all the f-ing candy they want, but I'm just standing there, smelling the smell, seeing people eat, slowly starving to death.  Well I'm done.  Charlie found a dollar, bought a candy bar and wound up with the whole flipping factory.  I'll settle for the dollar so I can enjoy the one piece of candy.

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