Sunday, June 6, 2010


This weekend I helped two friends celebrate birthdays.
Friday was pizza and hanging out with friends from high school. That was awesome. It was especially nice because both of the friends who were there are also vegetarians (one long standing, one fairly new) and so there was no bickering about what to get on the pizza, it was supportive I even got a high five or three from the long standing vegetarian. And birthday friend paid, so that helped my budget. Thanks birthday friend!! Also conversation ranged from “explain why men like lesbians so much?” and “totally worth the extra bucks to buy the ribbed” if you know what I mean ;) to Balzac, Lolita, world economics and the phrase coupe d’├ętat in casual conversation. I got home a little after two. And had to get up at seven to pick up the nephew.
After a three hour nap when nephew went home, it was time to get ready for my best friend’s birthday (which is really Tuesday). We went to a nice restaurant, but sticking to vegetarianism was kind of hard. In the end I was satisfied with my choice, so it’s fine. Then games, ice cream cake and plenty of wine at my friend’s grandma’s house. I spend so much time with best friend and her family that I accidentally called her grandma just "grandma" today. Dork! Now it’s two am (again) and I have to get up in the morning because best friend has friends coming from out of town for her birthday tomorrow and I want to play with them.
Did I mention that before all this chaos, Friday was my first day full time at work? A parent yelled at me because her kid got dirty and wet. Because we played outside, which was apparently not a good first day back choice. I’m ready for vacation now.
Oh! And, my birthday is the day we leave on vacation. So we can’t eat where I want, there will be no cake (because it doesn’t travel well), and I have to get up at nine to leave on time. And I can’t do anything with friends who aren’t going with, because the weekend before is a holiday (Fourth of July) and the weekend after we’ll still be on vacation and it seems silly to make everyone get together for my birthday so long before or after, especially since we just did it or will do so again for other reasons (depending on the group). Aaand, I am a whiney loser, so that's sad :(

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