Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's A Funny Story

So one of my coworkers has a daughter who's in my class. I couldn't stop myself from texting her some funny things the daughter did this week and now I want to share those texts with you...

-She just told me she doesn't like anything with sugar no candy or cookies and that grapefruit with sugar is to sweet, she likes it with salt :) [this is the kid who asks me for a freeze pop almost every day]
-We learned that Jesus is the bread of life and then she asked me if i eat bread. I told her i do and she goes "then you eat flash" [somehow she got the idea that I don't eat "flesh" even though I try to keep it simple for them and say meat]
-she would like to know (asked as she eats grapefruit with her spoon) why you didn't pack her a spoon today

this is the same kid who made me a card when my dad passed away a few years ago. She knows I like to chew gum, so she thought she would make me feel better by taping a gum ball inside the card! She was five at the time, so her mom and I both said no when she asked if she could go to the funeral, but it was pretty adorable anyway.

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