Monday, November 1, 2010


My best friend volunteered to learn how to play whist and then teach it to my Jane Austen Fan Club. Which really meant she volunteered herself, me and two other friends to learn to play whist and then teach it to my Jane Austen Fan Club. Friday we gathered in Kristin’s house to learn the basics of this game. If you don’t know, whist is a card game frequently played in Jane Austen novels involving two teams of two trying to win tricks by playing the card of highest value. I turns out it lots of fun. You know what else is fun? Sitting around, playing whist and listening to our friend John repeatedly put his foot in his mouth. Here are a few of his D’oh moments from Friday night.
John is partnering Kristin and I am partnering John’s girlfriend Jessica. John triumphantly plays the last card, nearly slamming it onto the table and whoots “And the lovers take the trick!” Whereby Kristin nearly dives behind me for protection because uh…she is not in fact John’s lover, but his girlfriend is RIGHT THERE. What none of realized for a tense second is the cards we’re playing with have pictures of Modern European art on them. Including a Picasso called The Lovers. Which is the card John just played.
Later I complimented Kristin on her earrings. John has just seconds ago said (I don’t remember why) that he sometimes wishes he was a girl. And now he responds to my compliment with… “Sometimes I want to poke a hole through my body and hang dangly things from it.”
Uh… John do you want some leftover pizza to get that foot taste out of your mouth?
Anyway, I really enjoyed whist. It might actually be one of my new favorite games! Also, I should not tell anymore John stories because he is a very private man who doesn’t like people knowing things about him.

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