Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yesterday I was in the newspaper. It was just a picture of me and a few of the kids in my class on our daily walk. The local papers love to go to the park across the street from my work for human interest stories, and so my school ends up in the paper fairly frequently. Anyway, since I was in the paper of course I had to buy the paper. And since I had to buy the paper, I was darn well going to read the whole thing. That’s where I got the article that I quoted yesterday when I talked about political climate again. I found something else I wanted to talk about.
There’s this little section in the Daily Herald called “World & nation in 60 seconds”. Under The nation part of that section there is a little paragraph that reads as follows:
“An Ohio science teacher accused of burning the image of a cross on student’s arms said Tuesday he’s disappointed school officials voted to fire him. John Freshwater was accused of preaching Christian beliefs in class when discussing topics such as evolution and homosexuality.”
Before I jumped to conclusions I did go looking for more information. I assumed I must have read the first part wrong, or misunderstood it. Since it’s an AP item, all I could find was the exact same article over and over until eventually, I found this:
“An outside investigation has found that an Ohio public school teacher taught creationism in his science class and used a device to burn the image of a cross on students' arms.
One family filed a federal lawsuit against Mount Vernon Middle School teacher John Freshwater and the school district last week, saying their child was left with a burn mark for three or four weeks.”
Also, this:
“… He also was accused of using a scientific device to mark several students' arms with a cross and keeping a Bible on his desk.”
Now I have no problem with teachers, even in public schools, sharing their religious believes with students, provided it’s done in certain ways.
See, this is a good bit of my problem with religion. It’s not that I have a problem with God, it’s that I have a problem with his people. Some of them are caring and kind, I have a few friends that fit in this category. Unfortunately, the majority of Christians I know or have heard of don’t fit in that category, they fit in the second category of CRAZY PEOPLE.
It was a small article I originally read about this. But it was an article that really made me think about how I feel about religion.
Also there’s this- How did that guy get a job teaching at a high school, and then a nice unassuming well qualified young woman like myself can’t get a teaching job? I promise not to burn crosses (or anything else) into my potential student’s arms!

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  1. Yikes!!! That's just... sad. :(