Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eye Exam Time!

I have to get new glasses. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my prescription, but my lenses are getting scratched up. Also, I want contacts back. I had to stop wearing them a few years ago because I wore them to long (18-20 hours a day) and my blood vessels were growing into my pupils which can cause blindness. I was told to give my eyes a rest for two years and then I could have them back, but to get glasses as well and not wear the contacts so much. Anyway, as you may recall, I’m going to be in a wedding in a few months and I want contacts before that. So today I did a little research on how much an eye exam (for glasses and contacts), a pair of glasses, and a set of contacts should cost me. I made an appointment and I kind of love eye exams and new glasses, so I’m pretty excited. The problem? I can’t actually see my face if I take off my glasses, which means I’m fairly useless at picking out my own glasses! My mom is even worse than I am. Last time I had to get glasses I took her and I explained I wanted a pair of brown or gold and a pair of black or silver (two pair for $99). I wound up with gold ones I can’t wear because they’re just a little too small for my face and I can see the shiny bits in my peripheral vision thus giving myself a headache, and a red pair that I have worn every day for a year and half.

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