Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stupid Cliffhangers!

You want to know what I hate? I hate cliffhangers. I don't mind when shows do two-part episodes so they can handle a topic that couldn't be covered in the shows normal running time. But when it's a season finale or the ending of a book? I know that the writer(s) only did it to "force" me into returning when the show comes back (or when the next book comes out). Here's the thing- if I watched your season finale, or read your book, I'm probably interested in what I'm seeing. I'm probably invested enough in the characters I would come back anyway, so why leave me hangin for months (or if it's a book years)? Especially because I will probably forget the danger you left your characters in months (or years) ago and you have to spend the beginning of your new installment reminding me of the danger?
I just finished the penultimate Vampire Academy book, and it was fantastic! The drama is very dramatic. The romantic tension is tense. And also romantic. The court politics are as insane and twisted as you might expect from a culture where the politics of two groups rests in the hands of thirteen people from only one of those groups. But the ending!! Richelle Mead clearly has a thing for the cliffhanger ending. The first four books it was all about the Rose-Dimitri relationship, so at least this is different, but HOLY JEEZ lady, write a proper ending! Ummm, in case I didn't make it clear, Spirit Bound ends on a cliffhanger. Which I promptly ruined for myself because the last book is out, but I can't get my hands on it for like two months. So I googled the answer (and people, it is GOOD!!). So, I guess that's on me, but I'm still annoyed at Mead.

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