Saturday, June 18, 2011

Learn to say no!

I've mentioned before how much it bothers me that our culture sexualizes small children when they are so young. The clothes, the attitude, the way little girls have learned that hip swinging walk, it all adds to make them think they're ready for sex much earlier than they are. After all, if they've been dressing, talking, and even acting sexually for years, then it's no big thing when they finally do it right? I hate that! I want to protect children from being exposed to this. Children, be they six or sixteen are not ready for sex and they shouldn't have the expectation of being sexy!
When I talked about this before my problem was sweats with words on the butt, children's thongs, and overly sexy dresses. But now it's summer, and with the heat and the sun, comes a new concern. Little girl bikinis.
Take a look at these pictures.

Now, setting aside whatever your past with modesty is, which of those children looks more "sexualized"? The one where the little girl with nothing to hide is wearing a bikini, or the one where the little girl with nothing to hide, isn't hiding anything? I tried to include a picture of a little girl in a one piece, but I couldn't find one. Also, sorry they aren't the best pictures, I didn't want a google search that could get me arrested cluttering up my history on my computer.
Parents need to take a look at how they are dressing their children (and these children are young enough they are being dressed, not allowed to dress) and learn to say no. Say no to sexualizing your tiny tot. Say no to buying those "cute" outfits that make them look like hoochies. Say no to the urge to make your kid into a "mini-me without the stretch marks". Just say no!

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