Friday, January 13, 2012

Curse You Bookclub!!!

Now that The Hobbit is officially on this year's book list, I CANNOT wait to read it, and also I MUST REREAD the ENTIRE trilogy. Except our very wonderful bookclub person who puts our list in order, put The Hobbit in AUGUST. That is very much far-ness from now. Also, I resolved to read The Simarillion thanks to m friends' low opinions of it at New Years, and I would like to start that, but can't decide if it should go before or after LOTR, which clearly can't go until after The Hobbit.
Also, my TBR list has now reached such epic proportions I'm not sure it can be completed in one life time. It can't even be contained by one source anymore. There's 52 book titles saved to my phone, approximately 97 books I've never read on my bookshelves, 200 unread books and/or documents on my Nook and 178 books on my official Goodreads TBR. How do other people have such managable book lists?!?!?!

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