Monday, March 11, 2013

High fives?

I still, after almost two years of frequent exercise, battle my inherent laziness.  When I was growing up children were basically there to run errands and do chores my mom didn't want to do.  I was washing dishes before I could reach the sink without the aid of a step stool (to be fair that step stool also aided me in raiding the spice cabinet and mixing "concotions" and I never got in trouble).  Well the problem is that now I'm an adult who works with fetching age kids and I'm frequently tempted to make them do my work.  The level of sedentariness at my job is entirely up to me.  It can be all about sitting on my bum, or it can be all about moving constantly, and if I don't watch it I tend towards the lazy.  That coupled with my insatiable M&M habit more than explains those last thirty pounds I've been trying to shed.  So, now I've figured that out, I know what to do.  Except when I don't want to give my kids candy I convince them a high five is even better than a piece of candy.  I probably won't fall for that myself though, huh?

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