Friday, July 19, 2013

I have amazing friends

So I have this list of things I want to do.  Sometimes I call it a bucket list, like every other person in the world.  I prefer to call it my life list.  And on my list are a million things I want.  But now there's one less because my friends surprised me.  They took me zip lining for my birthday this month.  And it was awesome!
I was told we were going hiking and then we would get lunch in a nearby small town on a small lake.  It took three cars to fit everyone and when we got there I noticed the zip lining place and mentioned to the friends I was with that I want to go zip lining.  And my friend was all "I don't want to do that."  And I laughed and said that I didn't mean today, I knew our plan was to go hiking.  So we get out of the car and I was distracted, searching for bug spray, and someone said "Hey, let's go zip lining" and I laughed again, because I thought it was a joke because, obviously, we were going hiking.  I should mention that very few of my friends are into hiking, and I was confused about why so many of us were doing this, but I'm not really a hiker myself, so I figured it was just a case of everyone doing something for the company of it. 
And then everyone laughed at me.  And we went zip lining.  And it was awesome.

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