Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I. Am. A. Moron!

How big a moron? Tomorrow I am taking my students on a field trip to the local police station. We will hear what police do, tour the station, hopefully see the jail (only if there’s no one in it at the time), etc. Then we will return to our school just in time for lunch. After which, I agreed to have water day. The next day we have an even bigger field trip to the local hospital. It just recently opened and is super green so we will reinforce our lessons about living a green lifestyle from a few weeks ago, and learn about medical heroes all at the same time. Sometime in all that excitement, I *get* to tell my kids what I’ve planned for our big end of summer celebration. They’ve been guessing since before summer even began because I let them look through my lesson plan book and it’s marked out with “End of Summer Field Trip” but no details. I have enjoyed lording over them that I know and I’m not telling. But now I have to tell, and I lose all the fun I have at work :( Also, I’m a moron for planning on taking them where I’m taking them (Lincoln Park Zoo). But hey, at least on Friday we get to watch Ghostbusters. And on Saturday I leave on vacation.

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