Saturday, July 3, 2010


Internet, I went to the Taste of Chicago today, and it was GREAT. I love the Taste and have gone on the third the last several years. We started going on the third because I LOVE fireworks and this way we see Chicago’s on the third and Freeport’s on the fourth and it. is. awesome. Sadly, this year Chicago didn’t do July third fireworks (boo!! hiss!!) so I only get one display. Also the Taste was oddly small with fewer restaurants than usual and no shops. I love the world market style shops where you can buy a sarong for twenty dollars, tax free. Anyway, we ate goat (yummmm) and ribs (I love bbq sauce) and tempura veggies and other vegetarian choices (it doesn’t count if I only ate about five bites of meat right?). Then we got bored and tried to think of things to do that were cheap. Did you know the Skydeck (now with ledges!) at Willis Tower is sixteen dollars??? Like what the heck Willis Tower people? So we decided that we’d save up for that and do it another day (assuming the stars align so that we have money, time, and a clear day all on day when we’re in Chicago). Then we thought about the Art Institute but no one wanted to spend fourteen dollars for like an hour of entertainment. So we walked to the Borders on Michigan Ave. Or, we tried to walk to the Borders on Michigan Ave, but for some reason we gave up after like forty miles of walking when it was about three blocks away and decided to walk to the Borders on State St. If only people listened to me, this would be a story about going to Borders. Instead, this is a story about sitting in a Dunkin Donuts drinking $0.99 iced coffee bitching about how far the train station was (about a ten minute walk). I told them if Borders is between Randalf and (some other street I can’t remember) State St HAS to run perpendicular to those streets and thus parallel to the street we were on, we should go down Randalf, turn left onto State and we’ll find Borders. Instead we continued on the street we were on until it became clear I was right, turned on another street and passed State two blocks and five iced coffees later. We missed our planned train by like ten minutes, stood in line fifteen feet from the train we wanted on until five minutes before it was supposed to leave when they finally let us board and then promptly realized we were hungry again. So we went out for chicken sandwiches. I am clearly a terrible vegetarian. :)
Okay, I really am leaving town in a few hours, so I won’t be blogging the rest of the week. Pictues when I get back! Have a SAFE and happy holiday!!

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