Friday, July 30, 2010

The Cat TOTALLY Knows Something’s Up

Hi! This is Buffi and I’ve highjacked Tina’s blog, to tell you I know something is up, and I want to know what!
Exhibit A: Neelix (the dog) went to the vet without me which only happens when he and mom are going on vacation.
Exhibit B: There are suitcases in the living room. They are sealed, but clearly belong to more than one person.
Exhibit C: The whole house is clean, which only happens when mom is going on vacation. Sub Exhibit C: even Tina’s room is clean, which only happens when Tina is going on vacation
Exhibit D: There is catnip in the house. Let me repeat that, THERE IS CATNIP IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Exhibit E: Mom and Tina are obsessively trying to cuddle me, which is somewhat normal, but it’s excessive to be normal.
How do they know I knows
Exhibit A: I didn’t hiss at Neelix when he got back from the vet
Exhibit B: I tried to climb in Tina’s suitcase
Exhibit C: I messed up the living room. Twice
Exhibit D: I won’t stop looking at the fridge (where the CATNIP is kept)
Exhibit E: I cuddle back. And I go looking for cuddles. I do not cuddle.
I totally know something is up!

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  1. Aw! Too cute! No worries, Kitty Cat. Sarah will come take care of you!!! :)