Tuesday, September 14, 2010


In my current position at work I get intellectual stimulation. I help my kids with their homework, which I’m pretty sure is the only time I will ever divide fractions in “real life”. My kids ask political and theological questions on a relatively frequent basis. Soon, I will be teaching two year olds. The level of my day to day conversation will go from “Why did God make Satan?” to “What’s a circle?”
That aside, I am so grateful for the opportunity to mingle with adults. Tonight my book-club chair called me. Our town’s newspaper had called her wanting to write about our book-club, and take some pictures of us. The only problem was they want to run the article on Thursday and we don’t meet for another two weeks. Anyway, the chair asked us to meet during her Great Books Discussion Club so the photographer could get his shots, apparently he had threatened to take pictures of just her otherwise. So I went. What made it great was that, the photographer didn’t just want to take a picture and call it a day, he wanted pictures of participating in book-club, so even though we hadn’t read the book my friends and I jumped into the conversation. Intellectually stimulating, and super fun.
You know, I don’t make friends easily. I’m shy enough that sometimes I feel awkward around my best friends, so I just don’t talk to new people easily. But, I talk easily enough at book-club. I have a specific topic to discuss, and I just can’t feel self-conscious. It’s only at book-club that I don’t miss being in school. I love book-club.

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  1. shy? nope. not a good word to describe you. <3 you! :D