Monday, September 13, 2010

Vote Easy

Remember when I told you about using Facebook to get to know your elected officials better? If you’ve spoken to me in person during election season, you’ve probably heard me tell someone that it’s our responsibility not just to vote, but to be educated voters. Many people don’t care enough to sort through the information, or they don’t know where to look, or find the information to hard to understand. Well, once more I’m going to tell you…
With great power comes great responsibility.
You get to vote! It is one of the greatest privileges of our country. Please take the time to sort through information and make an informed decision. And please don’t stay home on Election Day.
All that said, Project Vote Smart has the coolest new program. If you have a firm stance on at least some issues click here, enter your zip code (if your state is in grass on the map) then start answering questions. There are white tabs above your candidates one per issue. Each tab has two questions one on your opinion and one on how important the issue is to you. You’ll see how alike you are to the candidates and hopefully find one who’s a good match. If you’re still unsure, you can click on the candidate and find out more about him/her. It’s easy! It’s all in one place! It’s in simple language! Try it!! Try it today!
Election Day is coming. Be prepared!

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