Monday, September 6, 2010

I Don't Facebook...

...but your representatives might, and you should friend them even if you don't agree with them. Just check out this article from Rock the Vote

"Can a politician be your friend?
September 3rd, 2010
Ok, so you were a little hesitant when you got a friend request from your parents and you have a special privacy setting for professors or your boss. There really isn’t a need for them to see the pictures you took over the weekend or for them to know you really didn’t have a touch of food poisoning the Friday before a long weekend.

But have you considered friending or liking your elected officials?

CBS’ Washington Unplugged has a story about Facebook’s Washington, DC office that features pages of members of congress, departments of the government and more that are on Facebook. According to this report, more than 300 members of congress are on Facebook. Is your member of congress on Facebook? What about your mayor or local legislator. It’s not about showing support for a candidate or elected. It’s about following who is elected and being able to interact with those people to tell them what you, as their constituent, wants from them as a public servant.

Some electeds use their Facebook page to push press releases and announce where they are and that’s boring. But other use the Facebook page as a forum of ideas, a place for debate and interaction.

Just because you “Like” an elected doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to vote for them or support their political ideology. But what it does mean is that you are keeping tabs on that office holder. And who knows, maybe when they say they missed a town hall meeting for a vote and they are tagged in a photo at a fundraiser, you can be the one who holds them accountable."

For your representatives, visit Project Vote Smart and enter your zip code. All of my elected offials had a facebook page when I looked today.

Election Day is coming. Be prepared!

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