Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Brother is an IDIOT

This week my SIL started her new full-time position at work, which she needed in order to move into her pretty new apartment. She also had to take the kids out of daycare, because she couldn’t afford both day care and apartment. Her new arrangement for the kids looks like this
  1. If Brother is off work (whether it’s a day off, or SIL is working a day shift), he watches them
  2. If it’s Wednesday, my mom watches them
  3. If Brother works AND it’s not Wednesday AND SIL works a closing shift, he watches them until 5:30 (he works nights) and takes them to her work where she takes her dinner break until I get off work, drive across town and can pick them up
This is the plan that we worked out WEEKS ago. Friday was the first time we had to use part 3 (there are other contingencies for SIL working different shifts, but you don’t need to know them right now). Anyway, Brother first forgot to put gas in his truck, so he ran out of gas five minutes from the new apartment. Meaning SIL had to run all the way across town, on her dinner break, let Brother take her van to work so he wouldn’t be late, and have her brother drive her to a gas station to get a gallon of gas to put in the truck so she could drive the truck and the kids back to her work. Which meant when I pulled up at 6:20 with a list of errands on that side of town long enough to take until bedtime, instead I had to feed the kids. That came out of Brother’s budget thankfully, because I didn’t have the money to take all three of us out to eat.

I also found out that my brother, who whines at SIL that she’s ALWAYS tired and she never wants to “play”, told her that this new plan won’t work, because if he watches them, he’s too tired to work. So ha can’t watch them during the day if he has to work, and he can’t watch them on his days off because he needs to sleep. EXCUSE ME?!?!? They aren’t my kids (much as I love them) and I worked a ten hour day on Friday, then picked them up and essentially worked another four and a half. My only break the whole day was the twenty minutes it took me to drive to pick them up. But their father can’t watch them on days he works. Even though he’s been complaining about SIL only wanting to work, eat, and sleep since Nephew was born. My brother is an idiot! Plus, if he doesn’t do his part, he’s thinking I can just do more, and I don’t want to do more. I don’t have kids. I should not have to give up all my time off to watch them.

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