Saturday, September 18, 2010


I’ve noticed that many of the girls at my work wear very adult clothes. I don’t have kids so I wonder sometimes where they get these things. Yesterday, 3 year old niece (who wears a size 4) did some shopping and I ran across some things that really disturbed me. Why is it that so many clothes for young girls, are so inappropriate? Is there any need for a small child to wear sweat pants with the word “CUTE” written across the butt?

This pink pair is from Ambercrombie kids and comes in a children’s small.
I have seen an exact replica of this purple dress (which is a girl’s size 7) in Deb’s prom section for high school juniors and seniors to wear to “grind” on their boyfriends.

The problem isn’t just in girl’s clothes. Hooters apparently sells clothes (I’ve never been there) and their website features this onesie

And just in case your young man is out of onsies but still drools and makes a mess of his meals, we have this “charming” bib

But not to fear! They are more than willing to market on women’s insecurities too. See this “adorable” onsie for proof

But, perhaps I’m being overly dramatic here. After all Hooters makes their money by flaunting the breasts of the female employees. So let’s turn back to more mainstream stores. Here’s a dress from Kohl’s featured in girl’s size 4-6x. I think I wore this the first time I went clubbing. My skirt may have been a little longer though!

This stuff isn’t even the worst of it though. I didn’t see it myself but a friend of mine told me that Abercrombie sells thongs in their girl’s section. I didn’t see it on their website, and I hope she was wrong, but even if she was when girls are wearing skirts like this one

Can children’s thongs be far behind? BTW this is a “denim mini” from Old Navy that according to the website “hits mid-thigh”. It isn't the worst skirt, but many of the stores selling the worst things load the pictures so you can't copy or save them.
An old boss of mine dubbed the tweens who came into our store dressed like this “prosti-tots”. At the time it was really only older girls and I didn’t think it was the best coinage ever. Now this stuff is meant for kids who ARE still tots. I shudder to think what they’ll wear in their tweens, teens, or twenties!


  1. Frightening indeed. You have to really work at it to get appropriate childrens' clothing nowadays.

  2. 1) They DO make childrens thongs. They've been making them for about 10 yrs as far as I know.

    2) When I was shopping for cute baby things, I ran across the "does this diaper make my butt look too big?" And I was turned (WAY) off. They makes all kinds of things like that. For boys: "Stud Muffin." "Ladies Man." etc... Is that what we want to instill in our kids? Seriously... very sad.

    Thanks for the post. I might steal it. :)