Friday, October 14, 2011

Hit The Play Button

Has anyone else noticed the complete lack of ability to do ANYTHING lately? Between my compulsive pinning, the need to read every new Cracked article, and all the other ways one can waste an afternoon on the internet, I feel like I spend all my time procrastinating. I always have these big plans. I’m going to teach myself Spanish. I’m going to read academic articles and write stuff like I did when I was in school and my brain hurt from too much use instead of too little. I’m going to workout five times a week. I’m going to write the great American novel, or even a crappy American novel. And instead I’ll happily waste five hours of my evening watching reruns on cable while I pin things.
So I made myself a time schedule. I left in adequate time for pinning, and Cracked reading. But I made sure there’s time for intellectual pursuits. I wrote goals and made flashcards. I highlighted some stuff. I even wrote a few pages on my long festering novel. I don’t know if I’ll ever stop wasting my time and start getting things done. But I’m going to try. Because I’ve spent the three years since graduation feeling like I was on summer break, and I think it’s time to get my behind back in gear.
Plus, it wasn’t that many months ago that I was telling my friends I was going to become “interesting” with my rock climbing, flight school attending, marathon running goals. Of course, my friends mostly joked and laughed at me, so maybe they don’t have expectations. But I do. I’m sick of living on pause. It’s time to hit the play button on my life.

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