Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Good News

I feel I'm out of my funk, at least temporarily.  Saturday I had my birthday party, and so many of my friends came, and pretty much did what I wanted.  I couldn't help but feel special.  Especially since  my best friend had heard me say that no one ever brought me flowers and I really wanted that, so she brought me some.  And my roommate brought me daisies.  And another friend brought me flowers and a real lei (my party was a luau).  Every time I see or smell the flowers I grin like a moron.  It's nice to know that so many people cared so much about me.
 Doing the hula
 A group photo with me (notice the amazing lei!!)
 Leah in a coconut bra
Chris and John scoring major scavenger hunt points wearing a coconut bra

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