Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grown up park day

Normally Leah, Sarah M and I have plans to go walking on Saturday mornings.  But yesterday morning Sarah M had other plans, so Leah and I were on our own.  Just as we were getting ready to head out, Leah asked me how I felt about going to the park instead of going for a walk.  which sounded awesome to me because don't really like walking that much.  so we drove to the closest "big" park to our house, but they really only had equipment for little kids and I wanted to swing.  Although we did notice that it might be a nice place to go for walks on Saturday mornings in the future.  (Sarah M., if you read this, we'll talk about this at trivia night!)  So then we had to drive to a whole other park.  Where we proceeded to spend half an hour riding on the "spinny wheel 'o' death" which is supposedly a safer equivelent of a merry go round, but definitely seems more like something that will kill you if you slip, the swings, and slide.  Then we really did go for a nice walk around the park.  It was awesome, and I totally think that we got at least as good of a workout from that as we do from our normal walk.  Therefore, I am adding grown-up park day to my list of fun things to do when bored and/or broke.

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