Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Adventures in Internet Dating- Rules

When I decided to internet date, I got a lot of advice from a lot of people.  Some of it I ignored, some of it I listened to, but the most important thing I heard was that I should decide on a set of rules on how to deal with what I would find.  Here’s what I came up with

1.       Expect to have fun, that every date will result in a good story and nothing more.  Keep your expectations on the relationship-finding thing very low.

2.       Respond to every message.  It doesn’t matter if all you get is  “Hey.”  Respond in kind.  If it’s obvious the guy in question read your profile, read his.  If he asks questions answer them, and ask some back.  Have fun!

3.       If a profile is interesting, write a message.  The worst case scenario is that the guy writes back something mean.  In which case, refer to rule one- at least you’ll get a good story out of it.

4.       If someone asks to meet, agree.  Obviously meet in public and be smart, but agree to every meeting.  Refer to rule one- at least you’ll get a good story
I bet you cant' wait to see if all those rules made internet dating fun or not huh?

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