Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Adventures in Internet Dating- Profiling

I don’t really know what put me over the edge and helped me decide that I should internet date.  It’s kind of like a few years ago when I decided to embark on a weight loss journey that continues to this day, one day I just knew that I had to try.  Now for me the hold back has never been internet dating in and of itself, it’s not a fear of meeting creeps, or some leftover stigma from back when internet dating had never resulted in anything good.  No.  For me, it’s always been about the fact that I knew I couldn’t write myself a decent profile.

So what does a girl who can’t think of anything good to say about herself do when faced with the blank questions on an internet dating site?  In my case I asked around.  I posted the question on Facebook.  And most importantly, I sat down and I thought.  And I thought.  And I thought.  I just started listing things I like about myself.  Nothing was off limits.  There were no wrong answers.  And eventually I wound up with a pretty good list of things I could write.
Now.  I don't want to get myself sued somehow so I won't say what site I decided to use.  What I will say is that I sat down to write my profile and as I sat there staring blankly at the questions my roommate, who has successfully internet dated for both us (her current boyfriend and my most recent ex are both her internet finds), came in.  She asked what site I was using and when I told her she mentioned that the site I picked (solely because I knew the name and it was free) is the site you use if you're just looking for sex.  Then she sent me to another free site.  Where I continued to stare blankly at the questions for awhile before writing a fairly decent profile. 

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