Friday, September 20, 2013

My Adventures in Internet Dating- Second date?

PhysicallyAffectionateGuy and I have exchanged numbers.  And we text.  We met on Wedneday and on Friday I realize we’ve exchanged over a hundred texts.  Plus over two hundred messages when we were using the internet to talk.  We’re texting during work (big no-no, but I’m doing it anyway).  He’s already asked me on a second date.  He wants to take me to a movie next week.  While we’re texting I mention that I have to go out for lunch because I’ve forgotten to bring one and somehow we end up agreeing to meet for lunch.  He’s leaving work early for the weekend to do so and driving…an hour? to do so.  I’m suddenly both excited to see him again and nervous because I’m not looking as cute as I’d like. 

When we meet at the deli I’ve suggested I’m clearly looking just fine as neither one of eats anything because we use the entire forty minutes or so that I have for lunch, kissing.  Reluctantly we separate when my alarm goes off, warning that I need to head back to work.  I’m pretty enthusiastic about this guy.

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