Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vacation Catastrophes

So, I'm here in Michigan. There is no cell reception. There is no internet unless I drive for a half hour. All of my family that I was told would be here, are not here. MY mom insisted on dropping the dog off before we went grocery shopping, which was dmb because he then tried to shew his way out of the house. My mom also told me that you couldn't accidentally lock the key in the house because you had to turn the key to lock the house. She was wrong. So, when I stepped outside to use the OUTHOUSE (!!!!!!!!) I locked us out of my uncle's cabin. It took us three hours of trying to pick a lock to decide we were going to have to just break a window. Today I drove thirty three minutes to buy a book which the bookstore did not have, pay some bills with their free internet, and write a little something for all you people. Hope you enjoyed it, because tomorrow Mom has to go to Milwaukee (more than half way home) to get some things to fix the door and the window. Also, late last night my best friend called me. Her mom had noticed that my garage door was open and she wondered if our petsitter had left it open. No, my mom drove 400 miles away from my house with the garage door open. And yelled at me for leaving one car door unlocked in case our petsitter couldn't get in (so she could get to the garage door opener).

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