Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Cake Emergency

My word this was quite the day! Today I, along with another teacher at my preschool took my children to the local park. While we were playing, a little girl whom I’ll call S kept letting go of the swing and jumping off. Then she would cry, because she hurt herself (she’s 2). I finally told her she couldn’t go on the swings the rest of the day. A few minutes later, another girl whom I’ll call A almost got knocked in the head trying to force someone off the swings so she could have a turn. I told her she couldn’t go on the swings. Then I went to another part of the playground where some children were throwing sand and sat near them. While I was sitting there I texted another coworker about lunch. A few minutes later I noticed both S and A were on the swings getting a “starter push” from a stranger. After a bit of deliberation, I decided not to say anything because I didn’t want the lady to feel she had done anything wrong by “helping” and we were leaving in about 2 minutes anyway. When I called my children to me, I hollered “Thanks” to the lady. I found out after I left, she yelled at my co-worker (and used the F word!!) and demanded to know my name and where our school was. Then she went to my work and yelled at my boss, saying I had called a child “idiot” and “punk” (I call one of my boys “pun’kin” I think that’s what she heard for that one). She told my boss that if I wasn’t fired, then my boss is a bad director and that if she saw that at her preschool she would immediately remove her children. Also that if my boss didn’t fire me, the lady would have to do something about it. I’m not really sure what the lady was so upset about, other than she didn’t feel I was adequately supervising my children. So my boss and her boss and I all had to have a meeting about it. The result is that we are going to write a “self-improvement” plan (I’ve had other complaints because I’m “loud” so I think that’s what my boss is taking from this). I’m not fired (yet) but I was left with the impression that my boss and her boss wish I would quit.
I ate cake for dinner. Good thing I was suddenly struck with the urge to buy it while I was grocery shopping last night but then not the urge to eat it when I got home yesterday!

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