Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lazy Hazy Days

Holy WOW that was a huge weekend! Friday night I went to dinner and to see Kristin’s new play with about a dozen bookclub friends (!). So there we are at the restaurant talking and laughing, and all of a sudden someone asks the time and we realize we have fifteen minutes to pay for dinner, get to the theatre and get seated, and we hadn’t even bought our tickets yet! So I leave right away with a few people who can’t walk to the theatre, so we can get there ASAP and buy tickets while everyone else takes care of the bill and walks over (the theatre is so close to the restaurant that you can save time by walking). I was there with a few minutes to spare, but the theatre people literally waited the show like three minutes for the rest of our group (it’s community theatre, so they’re nice like that). Of course the show was FANTASTIC, but then a few of us go out afterwards and I didn’t get home until like 2:15. Obviously, I slept in on Saturday. But that was a bad move, because then I had to clean my room. Like, everything had to be dusted and swept and such because I was getting new furniture today and since I had to move stuff anyway, I might as well. That took forever, because I live in an unfinished basement, so everything gets cobwebby and gross and I’m not really the most fastidious of cleaners normally. Then in the middle of getting that done, I decide to go out to dinner with Kristin’s gram who lives a few doors down, so then I didn’t finish cleaning until FOUR AM! So, you’d think I was going to sleep in on Sunday too, but no. I had to be at the U-HAUL place at ten, which my body thought was nine (stupid daylight’s savings!) so I could be at my coworker’s at eleven. New furniture loaded into the van I drove it home, where Kristin’s brothers helped me take everything downstairs and bring up the old stuff. Then I was in a hurry to return the truck so I could get my room all set up and pretty, and I forgot to take my coat. Where I had put my car keys. Which I needed to get my car after I dropped off the U-HAUL. Of course I didn’t realize I didn’t have my keys until AFTER I had dropped the U-HAUL keys in the drop box. Fortunately my SIL has a key to my house, so she grabbed my car keys and brought them to me, but that took like an hour. So now it was 2:00 in the afternoon, I had gotten up early with almost no sleep, and hauled furniture around all day, and I still hadn’t had anything to eat! I got a cup of soup at Target, stopped at the hardware store to get some things to arrange my room and went home. Where I got the mirror attached to the dresser and the bed put together (no sheet or blanket or anything) and the “walls” rearranged where they need to be for me to have privacy. And promptly fell asleep on my new bed, even though I hadn’t put sheets or pillows or anything on it yet! And I thought I would need/want the luxury of new pillows, clean sheets and blankets, and freshly laundered bed curtain in order to sleep tonight.

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