Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Missing Oscar Night?

Miss Tina, Word has reached my ears that my fiancee entreated you to extend an invitation to my. I'm touched, but far too swamped to have time. I'm quite the fan (and I daresay, expert) on all things Oscar, and missing them this year pains me greatly. Alos, my computer has been most broken, so I cannot communicate through it. It seems a thing one should tell people when it happens, in case emails and such go unanswered. Enjoy tonight.
Always, [My Friend J]

I'm sure we will have fun, but perhaps a smidge less than if you were able to join us. See you tomorrow, and have a nice night.

[Then I found out he was blowing us off to finish our bookclub book and write questions and wrote him again]
Dude! skip the book & come play! We won't mind if you don't have questions. Or come when you finish.

I know. I totally miss you guys :( But such is my fate, that I must study and prepare alone.

Then, almost all of bookclub was tangential at best, completely off topic the rest of the time. Guess he could have skipped writing questions and come to Oscar night. Dork!

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