Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Google Maps Rocks!

Today I was playing around with the itinerary for my DC vacation (yeah!!!). So I was on Google maps figuring out distances and potential "layover" cities and such. After I had made all my decisions about where we're staying, I still needed to have everything punched in so I could figure out mileage (for gas costs and stuff). Here's what I had entered...
A. My Town, USA
B. Youngstown, OH (layover!)
C. Alexandria, VA (that's where the house we're renting is)
D. Gettysubrg, PA (side trip)
E. Washington, DC (final destination)
F. Alexandria, PA (have to figure out driving times from actual departure place)
G. Milan, OH (layover)
H. My Town, USA

I figured out the mileage and such, and then for fun, I started clicking icons. When I clicked on "walk" it says "21 days, 14 hours or drive in 1 day and 6 hours" (the subtext here is clearly "Are you INSANE!! Do you know how many miles that is?? Oh? You don't? Here let me show you, it's 1654 miles!!!! Drive your car, dummy!!"). When I clicked on "public transit" it says "Walk 1 minutes from [my address] to [my address]". Nice job Google, maybe I wanted you to figure out a train schedule for me!! Hello! You always offer to do way more for me than I asked, except apparently when I want you to!

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