Sunday, May 13, 2012

Avengers Marathon

Last weekend the new Avengers movie came out.  Which I was super excited about.  I was so excited that I took the day after the release off so I could go to a midnight release of the movie.  Then I found out that some theaters were holding day long marathons the day before so in one day you could watch Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, dIron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America, all leading up to a midnight showing of TheAvengers.  I didn't take a vacation last year, and I've been stuck in my head lately.  This is not a good thing for me, because insdie of my head is full of bad thoughts about myself, and comparisions to other people that are very biased against myself.  This is something that happens to me sometimes, and the one best thing that always gets me out of my head is watching action movies (adreneline, testosterone, and explosions- the perfect combination to make sure I can't really think about I packed a huge bag of high protein, low carb snacks (you know in case of fainting) and jogged around the parking lot during the forty-five minute breaks between movies.  Before the movies even started it was great because I found a seat where I would be able to stretch my legs out, and where I was sitting right in front of Wil Wheaton in disguise and his friend Hot Greek Frat Boy.  they were fun to chat with a little bit, even if Hot Greek Frat Boy like Captain America best (I prefer Iron Man myself).  I was also in front of and slightly to the left of this group-

Yeah, that's a group of people in costume.  They're missing Iron Man, but it's still awesome.  I talked to them for a little while because I had to find out where my favorite character was.  They just said that the Iron Man suit was to complicated to work out.  Then I asked how they decided who would be who.  Apparently they all wanted to be the Hulk, but decided to let the muscle-est guy have that honor.  Then Thor went to the guy who already had his own beard, Loki went to the guy who already looked exactly like Loki, Black Widow went to the girls (even thoguh Capt. America there wanted the honor), and the last guy got Capt. America.
I Facebooked after pretty much every movie, and really all I could say was that it was teh best day ever and I was having a great time.  Which is still pretty much all I can say.  I can't wait to see The Avengers again when it's not twelve in the morning and I can focus a little better.  Fortunately, my friends and I are going for Jamie's birthday next weekend.

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