Monday, May 14, 2012

Roller Skating

Lately I've been trying to focus on hanging out with my friends in times and places that don't revolve around eating.  My latest effort at this has been to get my friends to go roller skating, which is awesome because it's a great workout, no one eats while skating, and it's great nostalgic fun.  Like who didn't love roller skating when you were young?  Everyone loved it!  Of course the music is kind of loud for like talking to friends, but the roller rink we like is super close to my friend J's house, so afterwards we went over there to hang out.  Of course, we did also go out for sushi.  And ate a veggie tray at my friend J's house.  So hanging out without eating, didn't really work this time, our day didn't really revolve around food.  It revolved aroudn having fun with friends and since we hung out for like eight hours, we actually had to eat.
Last time we went roller skating it was fun, but there were issues.  The rink wasn't exactly safe due to holes in the surface of the rink floor as well as blatent safety rule violations (tag playing which was instigated by rink employees, and teenagers skating backwards and going opposite of traffic), which resulted in Kristin falling and hurting her knee.  This time we went to a different rink and the rink surface was smooth and perfect, the rules were carefully enforced, and there were no crowds.  In fact there were quite a few grown ups skating.  Which was awesome.

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